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US Government backs Centenary liver study of heavy drinkers

Centenary’s Dr Devanshi Seth, a researcher who works in the liver lab, will soon be testing the genes of hundreds of Sydney-siders to work out why some heavy drinkers develop liver cirrhosis and some don’t. A $2.5 million grant from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) will help to fund the project.

Devanshi SethDr Seth’s research featured today in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Dr Seth, who also works at RPA’s Drug Health Services, will be collaborating with researchers globally to carry out a large scale genetic study that will test thousands of people in six countries.

She says that “we still don’t understand why some moderate to heavy drinkers get liver cirrhosis and others who drink equal amounts don’t”.

“Alcoholic liver disease is a hidden epidemic, a silent disease that occurs after a long period of alcohol abuse.  It costs $3.8 billion per annum in Australia alone,” Dr Seth said.

“We hope that by analysing the genetics in a large international group comprising thousands of drinkers we can detect the genetic risks associated with ALC.

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