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Our Ambassadors

Sandra Sully: Gender Equity Program Ambassador

Ambassador photosSandra Sully is one of the most recognised faces on Australian television, known for her warmth, sincerity and the ability to be objective. Sandra has enjoyed a long and impressive journalism career, covering many significant world affairs, including being the first person to tell Australia about the tragic events of September 11, delivering a professional bulletin on the world’s worst terror attacks.

Sandra supports a number of causes and has a particular interest women’s issues, through her involvement with the White Ribbon Foundation, International Women’s Day and the Commonwealth Bank’s Women in Focus, supporting women in business and leadership. Sandra is passionate about helping women reach their potential, which is why we are very proud to welcome Sandra as the ambassador for the Centenary Institute Gender Equity Program, supporting our female scientists advance their careers in medical research and rise to leadership positions.

Ruben Meerman: Suit Up! for Science! Ambassador

Ambassador photos2Ruben is a keen surfer with a physics degree and has appeared on ABC television shows including Playschool, Catalyst, Roller Coaster, Studio 3 and Sleek Geeks. He also visits more than one hundred schools every year and has written four children’s books of experiments and hundreds of online science education resources for teachers. Ruben’s most recent research, which revealed precisely “where fat goes” when a human being loses weight, was published in the British Medical Journal. His new book, Big Fat Myths – chronicles his own weight loss and busts the many myths that surround fat metabolism and weight loss.

Ruben is proud to be involved in Centenary Institutes’ Suit Up! for Science! from the month of May, advocating the importance of supporting life-saving medical research. Australia is home to some of the best and brightest minds in the world, which is why Ruben is joining with us in encouraging everyone to Suit Up! like scientists to support researchers at the Centenary Institute, striving to understand disease and find cures for cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

Lee Constable: Suit Up! for Science! Ambassador

Ambassador photos3Lee Constable is the host of Scope, Network Ten’s science show for children. With a double degree in Science/Arts and first class honours in biology from the Australian National University, Lee combines her science knowledge with her natural presenting skills in her role in front of the camera. Lee is passionate about inspiring young people to get excited about science, breaking down negative stereotypes associated with the subject.

Lee is committed to making science captivating, hosting a science-based radio show and also touring schools and communities throughout regional Australia with her science show, Shell Questacon Science Circus. In 2015, Lee organised the initiative, Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art, where street artists collaborated with young scientists to produce a series of unique artworks. It is this genuine passion and dedication that makes Lee such a fitting ambassador for Suit Up! for Science! We are delighted to have Lee’s support for this campaign with a focus on inspiring little scientists of the future.