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Outstanding cancer researcher acknowledged

Dr Ulf Schmitz, Head of the Centenary Institute’s Computational BioMedicine Laboratory has been recognised as an outstanding investigator in the field of cancer research, being awarded an NHMRC Investigator Grant.

The grant, which will support Dr Schmitz and his exploration of post-transcriptional gene regulation in cancer over the next five years, will commence in 2021.

“Healthy cells normally undergo regulatory processes that turn DNA into proteins but when this process becomes distorted cancer cells are formed. My research is to understand the bio-mechanisms that control this gene regulation activity. By improving our understanding of gene regulation and its role in cancer, we can offer new opportunities for better diagnosis, and treatment,” said Dr Schmitz.

The NHMRC Investigator Grant scheme supports the research programs of outstanding investigators at all career stages with funding as well as research support packages. Further information on the grants can be found on the NHMRC website here.

Information on Dr Schmitz and his research can be found here.