Dr Stefan Oehlers

Centenary Institute - Dr Stefan Oehlers
Phone: (02) 9565 6192
Email: s.oehlers@centenary.org.au
Head, Immune-vascular Interactions Laboratory

Dr Oehlers trained with the zebrafish as a model of human immunity at the University of Auckland (PhD) and Duke University (postdoc, supported by an NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship) before moving to Sydney to start an independent lab at the Centenary Institute. His Immune-Vascular Interactions Laboratory primarily seeks to understand how pathology-associated changes to the vasculature affect inflammation. He has an extensive publication record in the fields of mycobacterial infection and inflammatory bowel disease, with additional interests in atherogenesis and diseases with a shared granuloma-like pathotype. Stefan is currently a University of Sydney Fellow with the Marie Bashir Institute and a holder of a NSW Health Early-Mid Career Fellowship.

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