Professor Wolfgang Weninger

Phone: +61 2 9565 6248
Head of Immune Imaging Program

Additional Roles:

Honorary Professor of Dermatology, Dermatology, Central Clinical School, University of Sydney

Chair of Dermatology at MedUni Vienna

Professor Weninger is a preeminent clinician scientist in the fields of dermatology and immunology. At the Centenary Institute, he leads the Immune Imaging Program. Professor Weninger is a pioneer in the uncovering of immune cell behaviour during anti-pathogen and anti-tumour immune responses in the skin using intravital imaging technology. He is recognised for discovering several unique immune cell subsets and determining their function in the context of immune-mediated pathology. His ongoing work is aimed at understanding the mechanisms underlying skin allergies, and the pathways resulting in successful immunity against skin infections as well as melanoma.

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