$150 million boost into researching Australia’s biggest killer


The NSW Government has announced it will commit $150 million to cardiovascular disease research over the next decade.

Cardiovascular disease is Australia’s biggest killer, with figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing one Australian dies every 12 minutes from heart, stroke and blood vessel diseases.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian says the upcoming state budget will include $60 million, which will be rolled-out over the next four years.

“It’s not just about lifestyle, it’s about congenital conditions, genetic conditions, and unless we provide the researchers with the support to crack those codes, too many Australians will continue to die,” says Premier Berejiklian.

Internationally-renowned cardiologist Professor Chris Semsarian AM leads Centenary Institute’s Molecular Cardiology program, and is welcoming the state government’s move.

He says while the funding boost has the potential to save thousands of lives, it will also give researchers a greater incentive to stay in Australia.

“The issue of trying to keep talented people here is really tough. When you don’t have funding, they’ll get offers from all around the world.

“Now we have an opportunity to bring the brightest people, and keep the brightest people,” says Professor Semsarian.

Find out more about Centenary’s life-saving research into cardiovascular disease.

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