Centenary is proud to be an inaugural Academic Partner of Franklin Women


Centenary is proud to be an inaugural Academic Partner of Franklin Women – joining with seven other leading organisations in the health and medical research sector to collaboratively support the career progression of our staff and students and, invest in creating a culture where women thrive across our sector as a whole.

Announcement from Franklin Women

Franklin Women is proud to be partnering with leading organisations and university faculties across the health and medical research sector who, like us, are committed to creating a sector where women thrive. By partnering with Franklin Women, these organisations are supporting the career progression of their staff and students, as well as collectively investing in a cultural change across the sector as a whole.

For Franklin Women, the support we receive from our Academic Partners will not only allow us to sustainably deliver our activities and initiatives, but also ensure that grassroots organisations continue to have a voice in our sector’s equity discussions. We look forward to bringing together our diverse experiences and learnings for greater collective impact, and contributing to a health and medical research sector where women thrive!

“Today, I have the privilege to announce the eight organisations in the health and medical research sector that have joined Franklin Women as inaugural Academic Partners. Personally, as the founder of Franklin Women, this milestone means a lot, as it tells me that leading organisations in the sector value the contributions our community has made to creating a culture where women thrive, and they want to be aligned with what we stand for. It also confirms the impact Franklin Women is having and, even more importantly, the potential for much more. Like us, these eight organisations believe that there is great strength, and opportunity, when those with the same vision come together so that, collectively, their impact is greater than either could achieve on their own.

So it is with great pride that I welcome our inaugural Academic Partners – Cancer Council NSW, Centenary Institute, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, The George Institute for Global Health, MQ Health (Macquarie University Health Sciences Centre), Kolling Institute, UNSW Sydney Medicine and Sydney Medical School. I couldn’t be more excited about working with them all over the coming two years to share knowledge, experiences and opportunities, so that our shared vision of creating a sector where women thrive is closer to becoming a reality.

I hope you enjoy reading a bit more about what our Academic Partners program entails, the organisations who have eagerly jumped on board and the people within these organisations who make it happen.”

Melina Georgousakis and the Franklin Women Team

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