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Two Centenary Institute scientists, Associate Professor Jodie Ingles (pictured left) and Dr Renjing Liu, are recipients of this year’s Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) prizes which support outstanding University of Sydney early and mid-career researchers.

They both receive $100,000 over the next two years to take their research careers to the next level.

Associate Professor Jodie Ingles (who leads the Clinical Cardiac Genetic Group at the Centenary Institute) will use her grant to develop and expand an Undiagnosed Genetic Heart Diseases (UGHD) Program. The focus of her research is to make a positive impact on the management of patients with inherited heart diseases and their families.

Dr Renjing Liu (who is head Head of the Agnes Ginges Laboratory for Diseases of the Aorta at the Centenary Institute) will use her grant to continue her research into epigenetic regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) plasticity. Her work has opened up new avenues of treatment for cardiovascular disease and will be further applied to diabetes.

The Centenary Institute congratulates both researchers for their outstanding efforts in being awarded these prestigious University of Sydney prizes.

Further information on the prizes is available here.

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