Dr Michael Mosley delivers Centenary Institute Oration


Internationally recognised science journalist and health broadcaster Dr Michael Mosley has delivered the 2019 ‘Centenary Institute Oration’ to a crowd of more than 1000 researchers and members of the public at Sydney’s International Convention Centre.

The Oration, developed by the Centenary Institute to help inform the community as to the exciting health advances that are taking place via research, was timed to coincide with the World Congress on Inflammation which was also sponsored by the Institute.

In keeping with the theme of Inflammation (which underlies many acute and chronic conditions and which drives the initiation and progression of cancer and cardiovascular disease), Dr Mosley spoke on the topic of ‘Inflammation, obesity and depression’.

Over the course of an hour, Dr Mosley made the point that science is now supporting new ways to treat inflammation driven conditions. Emphasised were intermittent fasting, exercising and a switch to a Mediterranean style (anti inflammatory) diet.

The Oration was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience. Many were eager to find out more as to how a combination of healthy eating and lifestyle choices could potentially help improve lives.

The Centenary Institute wishes to thank Dr Mosley for his support of the Oration and also for his ongoing efforts in helping promote the latest in health-related research to the wider community.

The talk can be downloaded now from the Radio National web site – please click here.

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