Equal first place for Alzheimer’s presentation


Honours student Andrew Quattrocchi has been awarded equal first place for his oral presentation on Alzheimer’s disease at the recent Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR).

A fourth year student at the University of Sydney, Andrew is currently completing his honours project in the Centenary Institute’s Vascular Biology Program led by Professor Jenny Gamble.

Andrew’s conference presentation was titled ‘Alzheimer’s Disease: Perivascular Macrophages and the Blood Brain Barrier’ and was focussed on a population of immune cells that surround and contact blood vessels, known as perivascular macrophages. These cells are thought to be involved in the early development of Alzheimer’s disease. 

“As the seventh leading cause of death globally and one of the most devastating neurological diseases in modern society, understanding the early changes that occur in Alzheimer’s disease is integral in developing targeted and effective treatments, something that still remains elusive,” said Mr Quattrocchi.

“It was extremely gratifying to be able to present my project to the wider scientific community and hearing the varied presentations of others was also a valuable and stimulating experience.”

Andrew was previously awarded two prizes at the Centenary Institute’s Summer Research Scholarship Program 2020/21 including first place for a presentation on Alzheimer’s disease. He is also exploring the possibility of undertaking a PhD, also under the supervision of Professor Gamble.

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