New Centenary Honours Graduates!


Our PhD, Masters and Honours students are some of the hardest working people in our Institute! They make an invaluable contribution to our research, helping to improve our understanding of cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

Congratulations to the following Honours students who have recently had their PhDs awarded, as well as a big thank you to their supervisors:

Linda Ban

Supervised by Nick Shackel (Liver Cell Biology)

Daniel Bosnjak

Supervised by Chris Jolly (DNA Repair)

Carina Cutmore

Supervised by Chris Semsarian (Molecular Cardiology)

Anne Moran

Supervised by Jeff Holst (Origins of Cancer)

Julia Trajcevska

Supervised by Warwick Britton (TB)

Emily Huang

Supervised by Devanshi Seth (Liver Injury & Cancer)

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Latest News

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World-leading research into cardiovascular disease has been boosted with Centenary researchers securing new grants.

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Professor Hansbro, Director of the Centenary UTS Centre for Inflammation, is a Co-Chief Investigator in the newly announced HEAL network.


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