Peter “Wally” Bamford Memorial Concert raises $12k

The Centenary Institute, Peter "Wally" Bamford


Image credit: Justin’s Photo Works 

The 2018 Peter “Wally” Bamford Concert was held on Saturday 27th October at the Historic Bushranger Hotel in Collector, raising an astonishing $12,000 for the Centenary Institute.

Peter “Wally” Bamford was a fit, healthy young man who had a bright future. In 2004, he went to sleep and sadly never woke up; falling victim to a rare but deadly illness called Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS).

Since 2005, his family and friends have held an annual concert with the aim to not only remember Wally and celebrate his life, but to raise money for the Centenary Institute.

This year was no exception, with $10,000 raised from raffles and auctions and another $2,000 generously donated by the Historic Bushranger Hotel.

Records since 2008 show the Bamford family has raised close to $60,000 for the Centenary Institute.

These funds go a long way in helping Centenary’s Molecular Cardiology Program, headed by Professor Chris Semsarian AM, continue their life-saving research into better understanding why these devastating diseases occur, with the aim of one-day finding cures.

The Centenary Institute would like to offer its heartfelt thanks to the Bamford family and friends, as well as the Historic Bushranger Hotel, for their phenomenal ongoing support.


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