Scientific Image Winners


Congratulations to the following winners and place-getters of the annual Centenary Institute Scientific Image competition. The competition is designed to recognise the incredible research of Centenary’s scientists, as well as to showcase their artistic and creative abilities. We hope you enjoy the incredible and striking images below.

First Place Winner: Mia Nguyen, Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program

Image Title: Ad Astra to the Stars

Image Description: Human erythroleukemia cells with giant multi-lobed nuclei.

Second Place: Dr Rohit Jain, Immune Imaging Program

Image Title: Liver Artwork

Image Description: Sinusoidal endothelial cells (red) and Kupffer cells (green) within the liver.

Third Place and Staff Pick Winner: Dr Jonathon Teo, Lipid Metabolism and Neurochemistry Laboratory

Image Title: Communication Highway

Image Description: Neurons in the brain with their long trailing axons and dendrites.

People’s Choice Winner: Nursafwana Zulkhernain, Immune Imaging Program

Image Title: Nome’s Goldfields

Image Description: Muscle tissue stained with antibodies that mark blood vessels and lymphatics.

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