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Centenary’s Summer Research Scholarship program for 2020/21 is now open and accepting applications!

You: Must be a 2nd or 3rd year student from the University of Sydney or UTS and keen for hands-on experience working in a leading independent medical research institute.

Us: Experts in the fields of cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular research and looking to support and mentor the next-generation of enthusiastic young Australian scientists.

Next steps: Just click on the link below for more information on what could be a stepping-stone to an exciting future career in medical research!


Latest News

MJA Podcasts: Sudden cardiac death in athletes with Dr Jessica Orchard

Dr Orchard discusses sudden cardiac death in athletes–how to screen for it, prepare for it, treat it and, ultimately, hopefully prevent it.

Inflammation in the spotlight

The Centenary Institute has held its inaugural ‘Inflammation Symposium’ highlighting the latest research in inflammation and disease.

SMH interviews Professor Chris Semsarian AM

Professor Chris Semsarian AM gives his response to recent studies linking Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine with myocarditis.


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