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Centenary Institute - Medical Research
Centenary Institute - Medical Research

T cell migration in intact lymph nodes in vivo

In the lymph node, T cells migrate rapidly and with striking versatility in a continuous scan for antigen presenting dendritic cells. The scanning process is greatly facilitated by the lymph node structure and composition. In vivo imaging has been instrumental in deciphering the spatiotemporal dynamics of intranodal T cell migration in both health and disease. Here we review recent developments in uncovering the migration modes employed by T cells in the lymph node, the underlying molecular mechanisms, and the scanning strategies utilised by T cells to ensure a timely response to antigenic stimuli.

Munoz, MA; Biro, M; Weninger, W

Current Opinion in Cell Biology, 2014; 30: 17-25 IF: 8.736

Date: 2014