Elli’s ‘Running for Centenary’ campaign

This year I’ve been lucky enough to start temping at the Centenary Institute. It feels good to be somewhere that actively makes a difference to people’s lives. The sheer volume of studies, publications and events churned out here is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the researchers, students and faculty members here; and to the quality of the work and research produced here.

The location of the facility, right next to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, as well as Sydney University, means that research done here has a direct impact on future doctors and scientists who are currently studying, as well as helping patients at the hospital. The tireless research into the causes and beginnings of viruses and diseases to be able to understand cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease has been incredibly inspirational to me.

I aim to complete four half marathons and the City2Surf (a combined distance of just shy of 100km) and donate all the raised funds to the Centenary Institute, as my way of contributing to the amazing and life changing research being done here.

Here is my event calendar

  • Australian Running Festival – Canberra, Sunday 15th April
  • SMH Half Marathon – Sunday 20th May
  • Winery Run – (Hunter Valley) Sunday 22nd July
  • City2Surf – Sunday 12th August
  • Blackmores Bridge Run – Sunday 16th September

If you would like to read more about the work of the Centenary Institute please follow this link for all their latest advances, news and updates.


Tribute messages from Elli’s supporters

“totally mind blown and so very proud of you! If i were feeling less poor right now i’d sponsor you double so 25 to get you started and the rest comes when my pay comes in! Congrats sweetcheeks… I’d hate to be in your running shoes!” – Stephanie Pasley-Tyler

“Go Elli! So proud of you x” – Caroline Evans

“A dollar a kilometre. Go Elli!” – Benjamin Evans

“Well done Elli! X” – Caroline Evans

“$100 for 100Km” – Michael Holmes

“Well done Eléonore. For next year, get them to enter alos France and Belgium in their country list!!!” – Jean de Ryckman de Betz

“You go girl!” –  Chanti xoxo

“Amazing work Elli!” –  Love the Lotus Team