Australian Inflammation Symposium



The inaugural joint Australian Inflammation Symposium will showcase inflammation research from across Australia, highlighting collaboration, consortia and joint grant opportunities, as well as enabling the networking of like-minded researchers.

Featured will be the latest inflammation research taking place at participating organisations that include the Centenary Institute; University of Technology Sydney; Institute for Molecular Bioscience (University of Queensland); Hudson Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases; Monash University Centre for Inflammatory Diseases; and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute.


SessionDateBrisbane TimeSydney & Melbourne TimeHostVenue
1Thursday 11 November10am – 12pm11am – 1pmWEHITBC
2Thursday 11 November1pm – 3pm2pm – 4pmCentenaryCentenary lecture theatre &/or virtual
3Friday 12 November10am – 12pm11am – 1pmMonashTBC
4Friday 12 November1pm – 3pm2pm – 4pmIMBIMB large & small seminar rooms

Session 2: Thursday 11 November

Centenary speakers and titles listed below:

15 minsProf Phil HansbroCentre for InflammationOverview and Centre For Inflammation
10 minsProf Phil HoggCancer Research CentreInflammation & Cancer Research Centre
10 minsProf Jenny GambleVascular biology programInflammation & cardiovascular research
ChairDr Elinor HortleCentre for Inflammation 
8 minsDr Annalicia VaughanCentre for InflammationMicrobiomes in COPD
8 minsMs Ridhima WadhwaCentre for InflammationInflammation in severe asthma
8 minsDr Gang LiuCentre for InflammationInflammation in IPF
8 minsDr Matt JohansenCentre for InflammationCellular and animal models for SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19
8 minsDr Jaesung ChoiCentre for InflammationThe role of microbiome and its’ induced immune response in stroke caused by cerebral cavernous malformation
8 minsMs Aster PijningCancer research CentreαIIbβ3 integrin functions as multiple covalent forms on human platelets
8 minsDr Joyce ChiuCancer research CentreMechano-redox control of Mac-1 de-adhesion from endothelial ICAM-1 by protein disulfide isomerase
8 minsDr Kathryn WrightTuberculosis programMycobacterium infection-induced miR-126 protects the host by suppressing permissive macrophages
8 minsDr Diana QuanTuberculosis programHow does silicosis make TB worse
8 mins
Dr Andrew Quattrocchi
Vascular biology program
Role of perivascular macrophages in blood-brain barrier dysfunction
8 minsDr Matt GrausCardiovascular developmentSingle molecule based assay as an  emerging approach in the field of genome biology