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Medical Research Seminar: Post-translation in cancer

28/05/2019 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Medical Research Seminar: The acetylation of histone variant H2A.Z in cancer: Who, how and why

Dr Fatima Valdes-Mora

Group Leader, Genomics & Epigenetics, Garvan Institute of Medical Research


H2A.Z is an H2A variant, which has been implicated in many diverse functions including gene transcription. This variant can present post-translational modifications including acetylation of lysines at the N-terminal (H2A.Zac), which mark active chromatin. During my talk I will present our discoveries on the role of this post-translational modification in cancer and how it influences gene transcription deregulation. My group has also discovered the reader of the acetylation in humans and the underlying molecular mechanism of this process. Finally, I will evaluate the impact of our discoveries in anticancer epigenetic-based therapy.


Dr. Valdes-Mora finished her PhD in Dec 2008 (CSIC, Spain), joined Prof Susan Clark’s lab as a postdoc in 2009, and she is now at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Dr. Valdes-Mora obtained a Group Leader position in Nov 2013 in the Genomics and Epigenetics Division at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. She is an mid career researcher and currently holds a CINSW Career Development Fellowship. Valdes-Mora’s research has had a major impact in the field of molecular mechanisms and histone variant epigenetic research in cancer. Dr. Valdes-Mora has extensive expertise and experience in ground breaking epigenome techniques that have underpinned many of the discoveries in the fi eld.



12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Centenary Institute Lecture Theatre, Building 93, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Camperdown, New South Wales 2050 Australia