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Meet Dr Angela Fontaine

Dr Angela Fontaine loves the ocean and taking photos.

Hi, I’m Dr Angela Fontaine and I’ve been a bioimaging expert at the Centenary Institute since 2017.  

I specialise in microscopy and immunology–the study of the immune system in the fight against disease. 

I train our scientists on the best use of our microscopes, help them with their research and also collaborate on specific projects. 

Imaging is a critical component of medical research. It allows us to visualise the biological processes taking place in the body, at the tissue, cellular and molecular level. It helps us better understand the disease environment as well as to test potential new treatments and cures. 

Outside of work and research, I spend most of my time near the ocean–I’m a master scuba diver and photographer.

Gliding alongside sharks, fish and other underwater creatures is a wonderfully uplifting and peaceful experience. It’s amazing to realise that the majority of all life on Earth is actually found beneath the ocean surface.

When time permits, I do volunteer photography for a whale watching company in Sydney. I really enjoy the challenge of getting close-up shots of whales as they jump above the water’s surface. You need to be very focused, because you never know when this magical moment will happen next. 

Imaging, both personally and professionally is extremely fulfilling. I enjoy capturing hidden worlds­ whether it be deep inside the human body or beneath the ocean’s waves.

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