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Meet Dr Katrina Frankcombe

Hi I’m Katrina and I’m in charge of Translation and Commercialisation at Centenary.

Centenary’s scientists do incredible work – making medical breakthroughs in the lab. But how do those breakthroughs come to be real-life health solutions? That’s where I come in.

I’m in charge of Translation and Commercialisation – a large part of my role requires me to look at what research is being undertaken at Centenary, identify opportunities where it could be translated into diagnostics, therapeutics or other health outcomes and then help see that through.

While I studied medicinal chemistry at university, it’s a completely different level here. The scientists are talking about signalling processes and physiological effects, which I don’t have a background in. It can be quite challenging and Centenary’s scientists need to ‘dumb’ it down a bit for me. But that’s also good because most of the people I talk to will be more business people, so they don’t necessarily have that background either.

It hasn’t always been about science. I’ve had a diverse career – even moonlighting as a nightclub manager!

I went to the UK to do a post-doctorate at Cambridge University, but I became a bit disillusioned with academia. So, I left and managed a nightclub for three years. I went back into science, working for a biotech company, before moving into business development.

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