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Meet Jade Boland

Hi I’m Jade and I am a Research Assistant in Professor Geoff McCaughan’s Liver Injury and Cancer Program here at the Centenary Institute.

At the moment, there’s only one treatment available for patients diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer which can extend their life by three months. I am part of a team working to improve such therapeutics, as well as identify diagnostic markers with the aim of picking up liver cancer in the earlier stages.

I always feel good about the work we do at Centenary – particularly being on the frontline of new medical discoveries.

The best thing about working for Centenary is the people and I also enjoy being involved in programs outside the lab, such as the Social Committee and the Gender Equity Program.

I really like how Centenary is actively trying to improve equity, and ensure women are given equal opportunities to pursue a career in science as men.

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