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Meet Julie Hunter

Hi I’m Julie and I work in the Vascular Biology Program at Centenary.

I went to university to study a psychology degree and realised that what I loved most was carrying out experiments and learning about viral genetics, so I changed fields and have felt at home in the lab ever since.

I get excited when an experiment produces a clear cut result. I also enjoy showing work experience students what it is like to work in a lab.

I am part the Vascular Biology Program, led by Professor Jenny Gamble, and I work in a range of techniques including tissue culture, gene cloning and expression. The Vascular Biology team is particularly focused on the endothelial cell, a cell that lines our blood vessels. Understanding this cell is leading towards the development of new treatments for a number of types of cancers, including pancreatic and liver cancers.

One of the most interesting parts of my job is my weekly visit to collect a ‘delivery’ of umbilical cords donated by mothers at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, located next to Centenary Institute, for medical research. Cells from the cords are used for a variety of experiments. I extract endothelial cells which line the vein. We study these cells in order to predict how they will be affected by disease, and we use them to test potentially new cancer drugs.

I am a busy mum of three kids and as my children gain more independence, I am enjoying returning to my passions, which include dog training with my young Groodle!

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