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Meet Natasha Yung

Hi I’m Natasha Yung and I am the Risk and Compliance Officer at Centenary.

Growing up, I thought I wanted to study medicine but realised I had a passion for microbiology – a field which I pursued at university and in my early career.

I loved the hands-on aspect of it. Being able to work out how something would work and how you can actually make it better from a disinfection point of view.

I joined the Centenary Institute in 2016 as the Risk and Compliance Officer and my role is to  ensure Centenary meets a whole list of standards, regulations and legislation at both a state and national level, which does mean I get to play a crucial role in making sure Centenary operates on a day-to-day basis.

There is also a more human aspect to my role. While our scientists are constantly striving to better understand disease with the aim of finding cures, I suppose in a way I am also saving lives! Centenary is primarily a lab-based environment which inherently carries a range of potential risks. In my role, I identify any potential hazards and introduces the appropriate safety measures before any dangerous scenarios develop!

My favourite part of the job is interacting with everyone at Centenary, but by the same token, it can also be the most difficult aspect.

I like how I can make it easier for the scientific staff to be able to do the research they do, while ensuring they’re safe in what they’re doing. But that in itself is also the challenge too.

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