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Are you One in a Million?

One in a Million Club

A cohort that is dedicated and passionately committed to research can be one of the most powerful tools Australia has to improve and ensure the health of our communities. It is this group’s collective efforts that can create positive and tangible outcomes that are set to significantly improve the lives of individuals and the community, as a whole.

Australia is becoming a leader in the innovation space. In this world of disruption, medical research, innovation and commercialisation will be taking an increasingly important role in the health and wealth of our nation.

The One in a Million Club will bring together 1,000 new, passionate and committed individuals whose combined investment and shared belief will generate $1 million dollars a year directly into medical research projects at the Centenary Institute.

Please follow this link to view more information about what the One in a Million Club will be supporting.

The Centenary Institute

The Centenary Institute is a world-leading independent medical research institute with more than 30 years experience and knowledge guiding our life-saving research, which is focused on three key areas: cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease. Our strength is in uncovering disease mechanisms and applying this knowledge to improve diagnostics and treatments for patients by understanding disease and finding cures for some of the most chronic diseases affecting today’s society.

Fundamentally, the Institute is dedicated to supporting the medical research sector, as a whole, and we firmly believe that our service to humanity is to better the health of our community by understanding diseases in order to find cures. We ensure that our research is relevant to the current and yet to emerge health problems of the 21st century, and we engage with the community in our quest both to inform them of our work and to be informed on the issues confronting them.

Located at the heart of the University of Sydney and the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital precinct in Camperdown, many of our senior scientists (Faculty) are also clinicians at the hospital and professors. Their direct experience with patients and what they see in the clinics guides their research pathway in the laboratory, ensuring a virtuous cycle of bench-to-bedside research and accelerates our ability to translate cutting-edge discoveries into practice. We capitalise on this geographical advantage by continuously strengthening these relationships with a focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration to ensure that the Australian population receives the most effective and improved therapies; therefore the greatest possible benefit.

One in a Million Club benefits

Invitations to;

  • Two exclusive One in a Million Club ‘Meet Centenary Institute’s Scientists’ Cocktail Update events throughout the year
  • Six Seminar presentations and Tours of the Centenary Institute around our key research themes of cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease


    • Monthly EDM updates from our scientists on their life-saving research
    • Quarterly news updates and research highlights
    • Invitations to join Centenary Institute at other events throughout the year
    • Recognition on our website

For further information on the Centenary Institute and our One in a Million Club please contact Karen McBrien on (02) 9565 6100 or email k.mcbrien@centenary.org.au

Please Download our Information Pack:

Meet our One in a Million Club Members

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Become One in a Million – Join the Centenary Institute’s One in a Million Club

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