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Centenary Institute - Medical Research
Centenary Institute - Medical Research

Media Releases

A/Prof Jodie Ingles awarded NHMRC Career Development Fellowship


A/Prof Ingles recognised at prestigious awards ceremony in Canberra, for achieving the highest-ranked National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Career Development Fellowship in her category.

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science


We celebrate Centenary’s Associate Professor Jodie Ingles, who is balancing life as a highly-successfully medical researcher with being a mum.

Building the case for a closer look at known heart-disease genes


Centenary Institute scientists have conducted a study which could change how researchers discover the causes of genetic heart disease.

Breakthrough in preventing the spread of Australia’s biggest cancer killer in young people


Researchers at the Centenary Institute in Sydney have led a study which has uncovered a brand-new target for melanoma metastasis; providing an improved understanding of how the cancer spreads and opening the door for more effective treatments.

New insights into why young people die suddenly


A study led by scientists at the Centenary Institute could provide some families with a clearer insight into why a young loved one may have experienced an otherwise unexplained cardiac arrest and in some cases, sudden death.

New treatment for diabetes-related blindness could be in sight


Scientists at the Centenary Institute have developed a novel drug which could potentially be used to effectively treat patients with diabetic retinopathy; the main cause of blindness from diabetes.

Stroke of genius: drug could target leading cause in young


A study led by researchers at the Centenary Institute has identified a drug currently used to treat cancer patients, as a potential treatment option for a leading cause of stroke in young people.