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Media Releases

New insights into why young people die suddenly


A study led by scientists at the Centenary Institute could provide some families with a clearer insight into why a young loved one may have experienced an otherwise unexplained cardiac arrest and in some cases, sudden death.

New treatment for diabetes-related blindness could be in sight


Scientists at the Centenary Institute have developed a novel drug which could potentially be used to effectively treat patients with diabetic retinopathy; the main cause of blindness from diabetes.

Stroke of genius: drug could target leading cause in young


A study led by researchers at the Centenary Institute has identified a drug currently used to treat cancer patients, as a potential treatment option for a leading cause of stroke in young people.

Young scientist on the forefront of medical research crowned winner of prestigious prize


Dr Kate McArthur from Monash University (VIC) has been named the winner of the In Memory of Neil Lawrence Prize at the 2018 Centenary Institute Medical Innovation Awards.

Explosion in knowledge about a potential pathway for cancer therapies


Centenary Institute scientists have discovered dozens of new likely targets for a particular enzyme that is within most tumours; paving the way for the future development of safer and more effective cancer therapies, including liver, lung, skin, colorectal and pancreatic cancers.

Finalists named in prestigious prize celebrating the next frontier in medical research


Three finalists are vying for gold in the 2018 Centenary Institute Medical Innovation Awards, with a total prize pool of $55,000 on offer. The prestigious awards recognise the selfless pursuits of bold, young Australian researchers who are at the forefront of medical research.

Centenary scientist fighting the scourge of breast cancer wins Bank of Queensland Gender Equity Award


A Centenary Institute scientist who is examining the role of the immune system in combating breast cancer, has won the 2018 Bank of Queensland Gender Equity Early Career Award.

Bridging the gender gap: finalists named in Centenary’s Bank of Queensland Gender Equity Early Career Award


Two of the Centenary Institute’s rising female star scientists have been named as finalists in the Bank of Queensland Gender Equity Early Career Award, which aims to bridge the gender gap and build more opportunities for women in the field of medical research.

Australian-led study uncovers brand new virus underpinning kidney disease


A multi-disciplinary group of scientists from the Centenary Institute in Sydney, in collaboration with researchers at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, have serendipitously discovered a brand-new virus strain, which could change the way chronic and childhood kidney diseases are approached and treated.

Tailor-made ‘Richie’ replica jacket going under the hammer to support medical research


Australians are being invited to place their bid for a chance to take home a one-of-a-kind replica of Richie Benaud’s iconic cream jacket, complete with an original spare Channel 9 Wide World of Sports embroidered pocket.