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Supporting young researchers to attend conferences, domestically and internationally, is instrumental to advancing their careers as it offers great opportunities to expand their networks and knowledge.

Conferences specifically relating to their areas of research:

  • Facilitate introductions and collaborations with other groups working within complimentary areas of research
  • Allow early career researchers to present their work/abstract to leaders in their field/s
  • Provide young researchers with feedback on their presentations, which is important for the future direction of their abstract
  • Gain exposure and international recognition at an early stage in their career
  • Provide networking opportunities important for developing important national and international links
  • Encourage the sharing of knowledge and research findings
  • Bring clinicians and scientists (dependant on the nature of conference)
  • Enable the learning of the most exciting and innovative research conducted by world-leading scientists

Support a young researcher to advance their career by funding a Travel Grant:

Australian conferences – $1,000

International conferences – $3,000

(These funds will cover the cost of flights, accommodation and registration of the conference)

For further information please contact Karen McBrien at k.mcbrien@centenary.org.au or 1800 677 977