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Current Appeal

You do not need to be a scientist to have heard of it…

It is the single word that creates an alarmed response in each of us. We recognise that a diagnosis of cancer is anything but ‘good news’ – not only for the individual, but their family and friends and colleagues.

Cancer has touched each of us in one-way or another. If like me, you think those occurrences are increasing in frequency, then the latest statistics confirm why – 1 in 2 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. According to The World Health Organisation, this means 14,100,000 new cancer cases reported globally per year.

Whilst the number of cancer-related deaths has decreased, the fact is, more people are living with cancer. Higher survival rates for some cancers translate to more people living with, and after, a cancer diagnosis – often living with the burden and in fear of a reoccurrence.

Now, more than ever, medical research offers the best hope we have to prevent the increasing incidence of cancer and hopefully protect our future generations.

Centenary’s current projects focus on some of the most prevalent cancers – prostate, liver, breast, lung, melanoma and leukaemia. Our scientists are driven by their passion to change and save lives: they work tirelessly to discover improved diagnostics, treatments, and cures. There is no doubt that what they discover is nothing short of remarkable and will help shape the health of future generations.

Dr Chandrika Deshpande and Associate Professor Jeff Holst are wonderful examples of how human passion drives determination to reduce the impact of cancer on our community.

Read all about their current research and advances in the area of breast and prostate cancer and melanoma here. Follow this link to see the impact of Cancer on Australians.

Centenary is home to some of the worlds most innovative and prominent researchers. Their advancements and discoveries in cancer, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases are only possible with the belief and commitment of generous individuals like you. For this we are most grateful and thank you on their behalf.

How you can make an invaluable donation today or become a regular donor?

Donate online

Help support Centenary’s latest appeal by making your donation through our secure on-line donation service or become a ‘Lifesaving Research’ regular donor in a few simple steps. To donate or establish a regular donation follow this link

Direct Deposit

For direct deposit arrangements please contact our fundraising team on 1800 677 977.

Donate by phone

FreeCall 1800 677 977 and have your credit card details on hand to donate over the phone.

Donate by SMS

An easy and quick way to donate directly to Centenary’s scientists – simply SMS either CHAN to support Chandrika or JEFF to help Jeff save lives to 0473 000 111

Donate by Mail

Print the donation form and send to:Centenary Institute Medical Research Foundation Reply Paid 83998, NEWTOWN NSW 2042

For further information please contact Karen McBrien at k.mcbrien@centenary.org.au or (02) 9565 6118