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Mark is a medical mystery – doctors don’t know what caused a cardiac episode when he was just 18 years old, fit and healthy.

Up to four young Australians, between the ages of 1 and 35 die each week following sudden cardiac arrest and a recent study, led by Centenary’s Professor Chris Semsarian AM, Head of our Molecular Cardiology Program, discovered that approximately 40 per cent of all deaths relating to sudden cardiac death could not be explained.

Mark is one of the lucky ones. Follow this link to hear Mark tell his story with Dr Jodie Ingles from our Molecular Cardiology Program or read Mark’s story.

46,003 (28.9%) of all deaths in Australia in 2015 were attributed to cancer – it is projected that this number will increase to 55,714 in 2025

Over the past few decades, we have seen considerable progress in the control of cancer – one of the most quickly-advancing and complex chronic diseases affecting the population. This group of diseases, however, continues to present many challenges.

Follow this link to hear from Dr Chris Jolly, Head of our DNA Repair Group on his research and the impact of cancer on Australian lives.

Read about what it all means and the real impact on our nation HERE

Dr Jolly’s story was recently featured in the Sydney Morning Herald – read the story here

Humans of Medical Research

We want to introduce you to our scientists as humans. These are the people who directly benefit from your ongoing support. They are so excited to share their stories with you!

Read all about our Humans of Medical Research HERE

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