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Centenary Institute - Medical Research
Centenary Institute - Medical Research

Equipment Wish list

For our scientists to be able to perform and execute the important research they undertake in the areas of cancer, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases, they require the best tools and equipment possible.

As you can image this equipment can be quite costly to purchase and maintain and that is why we are calling upon our supporters to think about how there donations can support our scientist in this way.

We have put together a wish list of equipment items that are instrumental to the work that Centenary’s scientists undertake and enabling them to achieve lifesaving research

$10 1 box of 1.5ml tubes (500) Tubes for use in a variety of
$25 I bottle of penicillin with streptomycin This antibiotic preparation is used to prevent bacterial contamination of cell cultures
$40 1 box of 0.60ml tubes (960) Tubes for use in a variety of  centrifuges
$50 1 tray of P20 sterile filter tips Filter tips are used to extract and redeposit substances in conjunction with pipettes
$65 2 x 6 well plates Well plates are flat plates with multiple depressions that are used like small test tubes
$100 7 bottles of DMEM media DMEM is used for mammalian cell culture applications
$250 Pipette Aid A pipette aid allows our researchers to safely transfer liquids during delicate procedures
$350 Laboratory grade microwave Laboratory grade microwaves assist our researchers to stain microscopic tissue samples or to undertake moisture testing
$400 Minifuge Minifuges is used to micro filter samples and separate cells
$450 Vortex mixer The vortex mixer is used by cell culture and microbiology labs to suspend cells in liquid or in biochemical or analytical labs to mix reagents
$500 Top loading balance (to 10mg) A top loading balance is used to accurately weigh materials up to 10mg
$600 Magnetic stirrer Magnetic stirrers are used by our researchers to mix solutions and compounds in a safe and effective way
$800 Laboratory 2 door refrigerator The fridges are used in our labs need to be hermetically sealed systems using CFC-free refrigerant with specialty shelves for ease of remove.
$1,200 pH benchtop meter The pH meter allows the measurement of hydrogen ions to indicate if aqueous solutions samples are acidic or basic.
$1,500 Roller mixer Roller mixers are used for the mixing of blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions in test tubes and cylindrical bottles.
$3,000 Geigher counter A Geigher counter is used for measuring ionizing radiation in the lab
$4,000 Incubator – Bacterial Incubators maintain optimal temperatures, humidity and other atmospheric conditions required to grow and maintain microbiological or cell cultures.
$5,000 Homogenizer The homogenizer is used to reduce the size of solid particles, droplets and gas bubble to a few microns or less.
$6,000 Microfuge – refrigerated The refrigerated microfuge allows researchers to micro filter samples and separate cells whilst maintaining the temperature of the samples
$9,000 Spectrophotometer A spectrophotometer is used for the measurement of transmittance or reflectance of solutions, solids or gases using light beams.
$15,000 PCR machine The PCR machine assists with gene analysis and copying sections of DNA
$20,000 Biohazard Cabinet A biohazard cabinet is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspace for our researchers to safely work with materials contaminated with infectious agents.
$35,000 Cryostat machine The Cryostat machine is used to maintain low cryogenic temperature for precision cutting of samples
 $45,000 Gel Documentation system This equipment is used for the imaging and documentation of nucleic acid and proteins suspended in gels and us UV light to capture images.