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Centenary Institute - Medical Research
Centenary Institute - Medical Research

Dr Michael Mosley to deliver ‘Centenary Institute Oration’ on obesity and depression

Dr Michael Mosley, British physician, science journalist and documentary maker will deliver a free public talk at the 14th World Congress on Inflammation, in Sydney on Monday 16th September 2019.

Internationally recognised for his television shows and his best-selling books (including the 5+2 diet), Dr Mosley will deliver the Centenary Institute Oration, ‘Inflammation: a new approach to obesity and depression’.

Organised and hosted by leading medical research organisation the Centenary Institute, the Oration will be free for members of the general public to attend. They can expect an entertaining and informative talk from Dr Mosley that makes the human body, science and research accessible to all.

“Obesity and depression are widespread in Australia and it appears as if there is a common underlying mechanism involved: inflammation” explains Dr Michael Mosley. “I’m very much looking forward to talking about these very significant health issues which affect and impact so many Australians today.”

Read the full media release here.

Inflammation Fact Sheet

Think you know about inflammation? Think again. Redness, swelling, muscle aches…that’s not even the half of it. Chronic inflammation is a key driver of diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune diseases. Read more.


Metaflammation is a new term that refers to low levels of inflammation throughout the body.

Your body use the essential repair process of inflammation to heal the body. When you have a full blown infection your levels are very high. Metaflammation is different. It is much much lower but constant.

This new aspect of inflammation has come to light, its connection with chronic metabolic diseases, like obesity and diabetes. One of the reasons this link is really important is that we are able to control with small molecule or biological therapeutics some aspects of inflammation and thus this approach might become really useful in treating some diseases that were thought to be diet or environment influenced..and are looking to become a devastating problem in the future.

Centenary Institute scientists are working on many aspects of inflammation, including metaflammation. For more details on our research approaches see here.