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Prof Mathew Vadas AO - Centenary Institute - Executive Director

Your help can accelerate our research and help save lives

A lifetime in medical research has filled me with confidence that eventually the horrors of cancer, stroke, dementia and heart disease can be overcome. It’s not a case of “if”, it is just a matter of “when”.

Please imagine a world in which we live long and healthy lives – free from the pain and fear of chronic diseases. The first step toward realising that vision is to gain a fundamental understanding of diseases – the causes and effects, the intricacies and complexities. This is the knowledge from which new diagnostics and treatments arise, and from which the tools to prevent are forged.

Here at Centenary, that’s what we do. Every day, our world-class researchers make more and more progress in the quest for new scientific knowledge, with a laser-like focus on finding the breakthroughs that will deliver life-changing – and life-saving – results.

But we need your help.

The health of the increasing number of older Australians is an important social and economic challenge facing Australia. It is also an opportunity, as extending a lifetime of good health enables older Australians to continue to contribute socially, culturally and economically to the wider community.

Every dollar we receive from committed members of the public increases the chance of a breakthrough that could transform our understanding of cancer, cardiovascular diseases (such as the causes of heart attacks and stroke), and inflammation, the process which is increasingly understood to be critical in these, and many other, diseases.

Medical advances do not happen without the underpinnings of fundamental knowledge, without first answering complex biological questions. There are no shortcuts. But there are opportunities to increase efficiency and output.

That means ensuring that Centenary’s scientists have the necessary tools and resources readily at hand. It means bringing together a variety of expertise and skills to tackle problems from multiple angles. It means maximising the time researchers can spend pursuing their ideas, unencumbered by the pursuit of short-term funding simply to pay their bills and staff their labs. It means the freedom to take risks and try something completely new, without the constraints of historic practices and structures.

Philanthropic support has helped get us where we are. A gift from you today will help give our research new momentum, and ensure that we leave no stone unturned in our search for the next breakthrough.

You can choose to direct your gift to one of our three areas of strategic focus: cancer, inflammation or cardiovascular disease. Or you can leave it up to us to decide where the need or opportunity is greatest. Whatever you decide, we promise that your donation will make a difference.

Professor Mathew Vadas AO
Executive Director

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