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The Australian Academy of
Science recognises Dr Justin Wong as one of the bright stars of Australian science with the prestigious Ruth Stephens Gani Medal.

Dr Justin Wong - Centenary Institute Medical Research

Humans of Medical Research – inspired by Humans of New York. Meet our humans, hear their stories.

Latest News

Soiree with the Scientists

The Centenary Institute was delighted to host one of its signature supporter events, Soiree with the Scientists.

Get Voting for People’s Choice Award

Who should be named the ‘People’s Choice’ winner of the 2019 Centenary Institute Medical Innovation Awards?

CRISPR, complexity and metaphors

Centenary researcher Dr Elinor Hortle has written an article exploring the gene editing technique CRISPR.


Upcoming Events

    Medical Research Seminar: Coagulation Disorders


    Dr Jordan Shavit: Significant progress has been made in our understanding of blood coagulation, but unknown genes contribute to the variable disease severity observed among patients with clotting disorders.

    Research Seminar: Neutron Star Merger


    Prof Tara Murphy: The LIGO-Virgo interferometer detected gravitational waves from a neutron star merger in a galaxy 130 million light years away. This was a breakthrough for physics and astronomy.

    Join Team Centenary in the City2Surf


    Are you up for the challenge of tackling ‘Heartbreak Hill’ in the 2019 City2Surf? Join us on Sunday, August 11 as part of Team Centenary.



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