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Workplace Giving

What is workplace giving? That is a great question and we are glad you have asked!

Workplace giving is the easiest and simplest way to support the Centenary Institute. Our workplace-giving program enables you to donate via pre-tax deductions from your salary straight to the Centenary Institute.

Check if your workplace is currently a supporter of the Centenary Institute and if they are just complete the registration form they will provide to set-up your donations. If your workplace does not currently support the Centenary Institute please complete the registration form and send it to our workplace giving team. We will liaise with your payroll team on your behalf.

The Centenary Institute workplace-giving program is not only just about donations. It has been set-up to raise awareness about the vital research we undertake and the importance of being able to continue this research into the future. Our researchers understand the importance of being able to translate the complexities of their work into meaningful and impactful information that we can share with our corporate partners. We offer staff engagement opportunities via a number of options such as skill sharing, seminars, site tours and much more.

Here a few examples of how your workplace giving donation could help our researchers continue their work: 

$5 each week (or $260 per year) will supply a researcher with a Pipette Aid that allows them to accurately and safely transfer liquids during delicate procedures

$10 each fortnight (or $260 per year) will provide 4 researchers safety laboratory coats to protect their skin and personal clothing from possible dangerous chemical spills or splashes

$25 each month (or $300 per year) will cover the cost of six hours of much needed imaging time for researchers to evaluate their work

$30 each month (or $360 per year) will purchase a laboratory grade microwave assist our researchers to stain microscopic tissue samples or to undertake moisture testing

$45 each month (or $540 per year) will buy a personal micro minifuge which is used to microfilter samples and separate cells

$60 each month (or $720 per year) will allow a research lab to purchase a heated magnetic stirrer that allows our researchers to both stir and heat liquids in the one glass vessel

If you would like to know more about the Centenary Institute and our workplace giving program contact Serena Stewart at s.stewart@centenary.org.au or (02) 9565 6166