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Dr Jodie Ingles, Centenary Institute, Janus lecture, NSGC, Genetic Counsellor, cardiogen
Centenary genetic counsellor delivers prestigious lecture


Pictured: Dr Jodie Ingles holding her award recognising her 2018 Janus Lecture. (Credit: Laura Yeates) Dr Jodie Ingles has delivered the prestigious plenary Janus Lecture at the American National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia (US). Dr Ingles is Head of the Clinical Cardiac Genetics Laboratory

Dr Jaesung Peter Choi awarded prize in Washington DC


Photo: Dr Jaesung Peter Choi receives the award from Dr Brent Derry. Centenary Institute researcher Dr Jaesung Peter Choi has been awarded “The FEBS Journal Poster Prize” at the 14th Annual Angioma Alliance CCM Scientific Meeting, held in Washington DC. The prize recognises the best poster presentation by a trainee.

Tech Week – recognising our Animal Facility staff


Pictured: Centenary’s Animal Facility staff This week at Centenary, we are are celebrating Tech Week – an annual occasion which recognises animal technicians for their essential contribution to research in providing compassionate attention to the animals in their care. “First and foremost, we are animal lovers. Our animal care staff

Stroke of genius: drug could target leading cause in young


A study led by researchers at the Centenary Institute has identified a drug currently used to treat cancer patients, as a potential treatment option for a leading cause of stroke in young people. Cerebral Cavernous Malformations (CCM) occurs when abnormal and dilated thin-walled blood vessels form clusters in the brain;

Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day

Pictured: Dr Jodie Ingles, Laura Yeates and Charlotte Burns. With the rapid rise and uptake of genetic tests for various diseases, there’s been a growing need for health professionals to accurately convey that information to patients and families, and provide the appropriate support. This is where Genetic Counsellors step-in. You

The Centenary Institute, Peter "Wally" Bamford
Peter “Wally” Bamford Memorial Concert raises $12k


Image credit: Justin’s Photo Works  The 2018 Peter “Wally” Bamford Concert was held on Saturday 27th October at the Historic Bushranger Hotel in Collector, raising an astonishing $12,000 for the Centenary Institute. Peter “Wally” Bamford was a fit, healthy young man who had a bright future. In 2004, he went