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Inflammation is increasingly being found to play crucial roles in the development of most major diseases, including Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and tuberculosis.

Our belief is that understanding inflammation is the key to unlocking a new era of treatments and cures for many of the deadliest and prominent diseases effecting humanity. The Centenary Institute is at the forefront of this life-saving medical research. We are driven to understand the role of inflammation and the immune system how this drives the disease processes.

As a fundamental mechanism by which the body’s immune system reacts to injury, inflammation is critical in resolving infection or trauma. However, it also underlies a number of prevalent acute and chronic conditions, such as allergies and autoimmune diseases, and drives the initiation and progression of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

By placing inflammation research at the fulcrum of our goals of understanding, we are seeking ways to heal inflammatory conditions (autoimmunity, allergy), cancer and cardiovascular diseases. We continue to study the chief cellular components of inflammation, the blood white cells and the lining of blood vessels and how they react to injury. Our research has defined new mechanisms and devised new drug candidates.

Our Research Programs and Laboratories investigating Inflammation include:

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