AFR article – featuring Prof Mathew Vadas and Prof Jennifer Gamble


The Australian Financial Review has written about the ground-breaking medial research being carried out by the Centenary Institute’s Prof Mathew Vadas and Prof Jennifer Gamble.

Click here to read more about the endothelium and its involvement in inflammation which is now being viewed as the driver of most chronic disease.

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10 News features COVID-19 vaccine project

A collaborative project between the University of Sydney and the Centenary Institute to find a COVID-19 vaccine has been featured on 10 News.

New insight into the immune system

Centenary Institute researchers have discovered novel insights into the molecular factors controlling vital regulators of the innate immune response system.

Prime 7 News interviews Professor Phil Hansbro

Professor Phil Hansbro has been interviewed by Prime7 News on his new study that will be focused on exploring the health impacts of people’s exposure to bushfire smoke.


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