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Early career researchers from three of Sydney’s leading medical research institutes, the Centenary Institute, the Heart Research Institute and the Woolcock Institute have come together to deliver the ‘ECR Think Tank Program’ for 2021.

Hosted at the Centenary Institute, the Think Tank program provided PhD students, early and mid-stage postdoctorate researchers, with the opportunity to present their research to colleagues, to network, to brainstorm new ideas and to explore potential opportunities for future collaborations.  

‘Think Tank’ presentations from researchers were conducted in quick format ‘big picture’ style, keeping attendees focused and engaged, and were wide ranging, including topics on chronic lung disorders, stroke, sleep apnoea, pancreatic cancer and cardiometabolic disease amongst many others.

Dr Joyce Chiu from the ACRF Centenary Cancer Research Centre and organising committee member said the program was an outstanding success.

“We had a wonderful half day filled with fascinating talks from the next generation of young researchers. There were some great connections made and a lot of interested discussion and information exchange during breaks, which shows how valuable events like this are for younger scientists.”

Pictured: Jessica Orchard, affiliated with the Centenary Institute, HRI and the University of Sydney presenting her latest research on the relative effectiveness of smartphone electrocardiogram devices.

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