Scholarship to support new study into cirrhosis


Improving the clinical care of patients with cirrhosis will be the focus of a new three year PhD project being undertaken at the Centenary Institute, Sydney.

In the project, liver researcher Dr David Prince will be aiming to better define the community prevalence of cirrhosis, assessing if patients are receiving appropriate stage-level care for their condition, as well as evaluating biomarkers associated with advanced deterioration in liver function.

Dr Prince who was successfully awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Postgraduate Scholarship for the project, will be working under Professor Geoff McCaughan, Head of the Liver injury and Cancer Program at the Centenary Institute.

“Liver cirrhosis refers to irreversible scarring of the liver, primarily resulting from fatty liver disease, viral hepatitis and alcohol–and is associated with significant hospitalisation and  mortality rates,” said Dr Prince.

“Although cirrhosis in Australia is increasing, as well as being a leading cause of liver cancer, quality data in this area is lacking. My PhD project is looking to improve our knowledge in this important health area to help in the prevention and management of cirrhosis and its associated complications.”

Read more about the Centenary Institute’s Liver Injury and Cancer Program.

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