National Science Week

As a part of National Science Week 2020, we asked our incredibly talented researchers why they loved science. Their answers were truly inspiring.

Angela is our bioimaging specialist, an expert in microscopy, and immunology (the study of the immune system in the fight against disease). She supports other scientists with her expertise across multiple disciplines.

Read more on the work she assists in our Research Programs.

Kieran is focused on exploring the unique relationship between the liver and the immune system to help prevent and treat chronic liver disease.

Read more on the Liver Immunology Program.

Seakcheng is focused on better understanding the genetic basis of inherited heart disease using stem cells to help improve and save lives.

Read more on the Molecular Cardiology Program.

Jonathan uses advanced confocal and other microscopy platforms to investigate how altered lipid metabolism (fats and oils) underpins the development of Alzheimer’s and obesity.

Read more on the Lipid Metabolism and Neurochemistry Laboratory.