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Meet our Scientists

Watch our latest live chat with Professor Chris Semsarian AM, Head of the Agnes Ginges Centre for Molecular Cardiology at Centenary and Cardiologist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital as he talks about sudden heart death.

Getting to the heart of sudden death

Facilitated by Dr Stefan Oehlers, Head of our Immune-Vascular Interactions Laboratory, Professor Semsarian spoke of his life’s work dedicated to the understanding of genetic heart disease, particularly in the young, and improving care for affected individuals and their families. Professor Semsarian also shared his love for sport and his passion for the South Sydney Rugby League team.

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Did you miss our live chat with Professor Phil Hansbro?

The impact of bushfire smoke on our health

In our first Meet our Scientists live chat, Professor Phil Hansbro, Head of the Centenary UTS Centre for Inflammation talked about his team’s research into the impact of bushfire smoke on our health.

Facilitated by Dr Stefan Oehlers, Professor Hansbro shared his insights into how the resulting smoke and poor air quality from the summer bushfires has become a critical area for immediate research.

With the extent of prolonged bushfire smoke exposure still largely unknown, Professor Hansbro discussed how people may be impacted in different ways (such as the healthy, the young, individuals with asthma or women who may be pregnant).

He also provided insight into the importance of potential new prevention strategies and treatment measures related to the inhalation of smoke.

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