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Consumer Review Panel

At Centenary we believe that community engagement and health advocacy has a key role in our quest to understand diseases and find cures. We want to stay abreast of current and emerging concerns among patients. We also want to be more effective in communicating the progress we are making.

The Consumer Engagement Program

We are inviting members of the public to become part of our Consumer Engagement Program. We will open up our doors to you, so you can learn about the latest developments in medical research, and be among the first to hear about new scientific breakthroughs. You can meet our scientists, go on behind-the-scenes tours, attend presentations and participate in workshops. You will have the opportunity to contribute your knowledge, insights and ideas to help inform our research.

To join our news update mailing list and receive invitations to public engagement events, just email us.

The Consumer Review Panel

One option for getting even more involved is to join our Consumer Review Panel, helping us secure major funding grants by giving your feedback on research proposals. Consumers are people who have been affected by particular diseases – patients, survivors, carers, or close family members or friends of someone diagnosed with a disease such cancer or asthma. A number of very significant funders of cancer research, such as the Cancer Council, place great weight on the input of Consumer Review Panels when choosing where to award their funds. You don’t need any scientific knowledge to join our panel – part of what you will be doing is helping our scientists explain their work in a way that is readily understood by the general public.

Current Priorities

We are particularly keen to identify members of the public who are consumers with lived experience in the below disease areas:
• Cancer
• Alcohol-related liver damage
• Asthma
• Alzheimer’s disease

To find out more about what is involved and to confirm if you are eligible, please email Michelle.

Consumer Engagement at Centenary

Health and medical research is a matter of public interest, and we believe that those who are affected by diseases have a role to play in research. At Centenary the opportunities for consumers to be involved with us are steadily increasing.