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Consumer Review Panel

The Centenary Institute Consumer Review Panel (CRP) is a great way for members of the general public to help our scientists communicate more effective to non-specialist audiences.

To help explain the nature of proposed research for grant submissions to bodies such as Cancer Council NSW, Cancer Australia and other research bodies.

CRP Members offer their invaluable time by providing a different and critical perspective on the life-saving research being conducted by the Centenary Institute’s scientists in the areas of cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

Each CRP Member has the opportunity to participate in tours, seminars and presentations held throughout the year. To meet some of our talented scientists who showcase their current research, highlight their achievements to-date, as well as explain in detail the objectives and aspirations of their future research and how this may improve the lives of Australians – now, and in the future.

The CRP Members, in turn, provide essential feedback that will improve the clinical relevance of these research projects and goals, and how the vital impact of their work can best be communicated to the general public.

The involvement of members is essential as it connect our scientists with the community, providing invaluable insights into current needs and emerging healthcare priorities.

Income generated via competitive grants is a vital funding stream for our organisational sustainability, ensuring the retention of top quality scientists and their groundbreaking research; as well as our capacity to allocate financial resources to each research project in times of hardship.

It is anticipated that the contribution to the Consumer Review Panel will not only increase the likelihood of funding success, but enhance our scientist’s connection with the wider community as well as those who have been affected by chronic disease.