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Is there any greater investment than in the future of human health?

Allergic diseases are among the fastest growing chronic health conditions in Australia.

There is currently no cure. Will you help us change this?

Inflammation is increasingly being found to play crucial roles in the initiation and progression of most major diseases including, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, diabetes and tuberculosis.

For baby Marlow and her parents, research is their only hope.

At 12-weeks-old this innocent little girl screamed all day. She refused to be held, or even touched. She wouldn’t wear clothes. The only thing her mum could do for her daughter was strip her naked, and cover her in cold wet towels.

Adult patients often describe eczema as constantly suffering from 1,000 paper cuts on their skin. Can you imagine what this was like for a tiny baby?

After seven different doctors, a distressed trip to emergency and a specialist appointment, Marlow and her family were finally given a treatment plan which included four different ointments, bleach baths, soap and shampoo substitutes, washing all Marlow’s bedding in over 60-degree temperatures to name just a few.

Then at dinner – around eight months later – a rash appeared around Marlow’s mouth. Soon her entire face was swollen, her eyes closed over, and she had broken out in a rash over her entire body.

Rushed to emergency, Marlow was allergic to cashews.

Up to 80% of children with atopic dermatitis go on to develop asthma or hay fever. However, it’s unclear what the exact relationship between allergies and eczema is.

Research is the only way we will understand disease, identify better treatments and find a cure. Our scientists are making so much progress, but we urgently need your help to accelerate our pace.

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