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Supporting research today will change lives tomorrow

More scientists, doing more research, means outcomes will be faster. But we can’t do it without you.

Many diseases and conditions that affect human health have been cured or overcome as a result of medical research. Sometimes the result of a single ground-breaking finding, but in most cases the result of decades of dedicated chipping away at the unknown.

However, there will always be more to do.

Like many of us, 45-year-old Peter worries about aging. He worries one day he will sit across from his doctor and be given the same news as his late parents, Helen and Eddie.

Both Helen and Eddie were active and healthy. This made it all the more shocking for Peter’s family the day they had to call the ambulance for Helen. Returning home from the beach one day Helen couldn’t feel her left side. Ambulance officers said she had suffered a stroke. At the hospital doctors also identified early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. She was 64.

For a few years after her diagnosis, Helen’s ability to perform simple everyday tasks were affected. She would be confused what day of the week it was, or go out for milk twice in the same day. Eddie tried to help manage as best he could, however, the one thing he couldn’t do was slow down the effects of the disease on his beloved wife. 

One afternoon Peter received a call. Eddie had been found by a neighbour in the back lane. He too had suffered a stroke and was subsequently hospitalised. The family made the agonising decision to move Helen into a nursing home.

Knowing there was nothing he could do was heartbreaking for Peter. His dad never came home from hospital, joining his mum in the same nursing home. Sadly, after not too long, Helen no longer recognised Eddie.

In November 2014 Peter lost his dad. Less than eight months later in July 2015 he said goodbye to his mum.

At just 45-years-old, Peter’s biggest fear is that he won’t be around to see his daughters grow up, and like his parents, disease will take him away from his loved ones.

It will only be through your financial support, that our scientists will be able to continue to achieve globally significant advances to change our lives, and the lives of our future generations.

Your support will help us find new treatments and cures sooner, please donate now.