Professor Warwick Britton AO

Phone: +61 2 9565 6263
Head of Tuberculosis Research Program

Research Interests
Recently, he initiated new collaborative research programs in Vietnam on improving the control of tuberculosis and on immunogenetics of tuberculosis.

Since 1997 his group has used an aerosol model of infection with virulent M. tuberculosis in a dedicated PC3 facility in the Centenary Institute. This has allowed them to analyse the cellular and cytokine control of M. tuberculosis infection in the lungs using genetically modified mice and to develop novel subunit and recombinant BCG vaccines to prevent infection with M. tuberculosis.
In addition his group has identified a new secreted enzyme of M. tuberculosis, which is a novel target for drug development. Professor Britton also has a longstanding research interest in the epidemiology and immunology of asthma, and established a long running cohort on childhood asthma in 1982.

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