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Associate Professor Jodie Ingles, Head of Centenary Institute’s Clinical Cardiac Genetics Laboratory, in the Molecular Cardiology Program has made good use of her public speaking skills, presenting a talk on the impacts and consequences of cardiac genetic testing, as well as participating in the ‘Great Debate’ at today’s annual Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium.

Debating the topic, “Clinical systems and processes are more important than experience,” Jodie, a part of a team of three, successfully argued against the motion.

“My argument was that in 15 plus years of working with families with inherited heart diseases, that systems and processes have not existed, and so if we are to do the best we can for these families we need to carve our own path. We’ve done this always based on our significant experience in seeing so many families, and we use these experiences to help inform development of guidelines,” said Jodie.

The annual Symposium is Sydney Local Health District’s hallmark event to foster collaboration and innovation bringing together staff, clinicians, research and business partners, and industry experts to share ideas to help achieve excellence in health and healthcare for all.

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