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Meet Associate Professor Anthony Don

Hi I’m Anthony and I Head the Lipid Metabolism and Neurochemistry Laboratory at the ACRF Centenary Cancer Research Centre.

Inflammation is a major cause of Alzheimer’s disease, contributing significantly to the degeneration of neurons which causes loss of brain function. My research is creating a more thorough understanding of the underlying causes of brain inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease comes under the umbrella of dementia and accounts for up to 80% of cases. This is a disease which can strike any one and it’s becoming more common, which is why we believe our research is so vitally important.

Through a greater understanding of the biochemical basis for Alzheimer’s, we will be able to design and develop new therapeutics to target the disease.

When I am not work I enjoy days at the beach with my daughters aged six and nine. They are still at the age when hanging out with your dad is okay!”

I love the water, and have passed on this passion to my kids who now compete in nippers, which usually fills the family weekends.

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