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Meet Associate Professor Devanshi Seth

Associate Professor Devanshi Seth has always been artistically inclined.

Learn more about her work in the Alcoholic Liver Disease Laboratory

Hi I’m A/Prof Devanshi Seth and I head Centenary’s Alcoholic Liver Disease Laboratory. 

I work to understand how genes, as well as lifestyle and other contributory factors, influence the development and progression of alcohol-use generated cirrhosis. When we better understand this disease we can better improve patient outcomes and care. 

Outside of the work-place I’ve always been very passionate about my hobbies and interests, and always been artistically inclined. Painting, sculpture and pottery have played large roles throughout my life. I’ve exhibited in both Sydney and Perth and been fortunate enough to have had my artwork receive awards on several occasions.

Excitingly, I’m currently leading an international clinical study–the largest ever of its type– involving an analysis of over 6,000 drinkers. Results from this study have the potential to change patient practice on a global scale.

My research journey to date has certainly been diverse. I began in agricultural research, moved to industrial biotechnology, then to biomedical research in cancer, and then finally to alcohol. It’s meant I’ve lived in multiple cities across three different continents, Asia, Europe and Australia.

I’ve always been a very passionate supporter of equity and inclusion in the workplace. Helping close the gender gap for women in science is vital and this is an area that I also like to commit my time towards.

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