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Meet Dr Ben Roediger

Hi I’m Ben and I head the Skin Imaging and Inflammation Laboratory at Centenary.

My work is investigating the mechanisms by which inflammation contributes to chronic inflammatory diseases, including allergic disease and cancer.

I know first-hand how devastating these conditions can be. Both my father and brother suffered from eczema and asthma and my son was also hospitalised with viral bronchitis, which is often a harbinger of asthma in later childhood. He was a tiny baby, just struggling to breathe, his chest wheezing. It was hard to see.

My family are very proud of the career path I’ve chosen, despite opting not to follow in my parent’s footsteps. Both my father and mother are pilots, connecting over their common love. My mother was somewhat of an aviation pioneer, first learning to fly in the 1960’s when it was much more ‘acceptable’ for women to be air hostesses. My father flew domestic planes for Ansett. Both are now in their 70’s and my mother still flies planes.

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