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Meet Dr Jodie Ingles

Hi I’m Jodie and I Head the Clinical Cardiac Genetics Laboratory at Centenary.

I have been working as a cardiac genetic counsellor for the past 14 years and every week I see families with inherited heart conditions and experiencing the loss of a loved one from sudden cardiac death. Being able to provide answers to these families guides every aspect of my research. It’s often challenging, but we get to be there for families at some of their most difficult times and be a positive force.

I hold a number of roles – I see families in the clinic as a cardiac genetic counsellor and overseeing the return of clinical genetic testing results from Centenary’s research program and I also lead the Clinical Cardiac Genetics Laboratory within Centenary’s Molecular Cardiology Program which is focused on clinical, genetic and psychosocial aspects of inherited heart diseases.

I love analysing data because it means I’m the first person in the world to know the answer to my research question. I also love looking at a patients’ genetic test results, it’s like being a detective, building a case to explain the disease in their family.

I’m kept busy on the weekend as the mum of an active eight-year-old boy, usually spending my weekends at various sports activities.

Read all about me here.

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