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Meet Dr Ken Liu

Hi I’m Ken and I work in the Liver Injury and Cancer Program at Centenary.

My work is investigating new ways to treat liver cancer. This area of medical research is particularly important today as liver cancer is the fastest rising cancer in Australia and is among the deadliest.

Ultimately, I want my work to have an impact on people like the patients I meet during my clinical work as a doctor. Throughout my training as a Hepatologist (liver doctor), I came across so many patients diagnosed with liver cancer and most died from the disease. Patients often present too late for curative treatment and current therapies available for advanced disease are extremely limited without any significant discoveries made over the past decade. At the end of the day, it is the patient in front of me that drives me to do research in liver cancer.

In addition to the connection with my patients, the study of liver cancer is personal for me, with my own family members and my wife’s family affected by this terrible disease.

In my down-time hiking and bike riding are among my favourite activities.

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