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Meet Dr Stefan Oehlers

Hi I’m Stefan and I work in the Tuberculosis Research Program at Centenary.

My work investigates Tuberculosis (TB), which is a highly infectious disease, that affects more than a quarter of the world’s population. Less than half of the people diagnosed with antibiotic resistant TB are successfully cured so there’s a desperate need for new ways to cure this ancient infection.

TB is the biggest, oldest and most widespread infectious disease challenge that faces humanity. I’m motivated by big challenges and my group’s important work is making a difference.

When I’m not at work I find ways to relax and recently just swapped video games for running. This has worked really well for thinking through some of the big picture things around research questions and strategies while I plod around.

I recently become a father to the adorable Joshua, who has changed my approach to work. One of the many advantages of modern science is that researchers can often be on the job remotely via computers, but I’ve discovered this solution has its own challenges when doing two very important jobs at once! Babies are really interested in electronic screens so I’ve had to compartmentalise working from home time to his naps.

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